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Jaime and Dante’s trip to a ski resort in North Carolina – 2016

Turning away from the idyllic view of snow covered slopes, rocky mountains, and snowcapped trees, Dante saw a group of chuckling little girls flat on their backs, making snow angels. The sight might have been cute if it wasn’t for one thing. “Jaime, get off the floor.” But she didn’t. Well of course she didn’t. His mate never did anything he asked her to do. Skis and pole in hand, he walked to his mate; the snow crunched beneath his heavy ski boots. “Up now.”

“I’m making snow angels,” she told him cheerily.

“No, you’re delaying going to the slopes.” He fisted a hand in her snowsuit and hauled her to her feet.

“Only because the last time we went skiing you sulked whenever I beat you,” she said, batting snow from her hat and hair with thick gloves.

“I don’t sulk. And you didn’t beat me. You cheated.”

“How could I cheat at sliding down a slope?”

“That’s what I want you to tell me.”

Jaime just snorted, taking a moment to apply some lip balm. He was the sorest loser in the history of ever, which made it so much fun to win. Torturing him was her favorite pastime. She shivered as wind whistled around them; the cold air was sharp and crisp yet somehow refreshing.

“Come on.” Dante urged her forward. And almost went head over ass as his boot clipped something solid. Glaring down at the skis and pole he’d rented for his mate, he growled, “Jaime!” She left her shit everywhere, and he was forever tripping over whatever messes she made. “You’re trying to kill me, aren’t you?”

She grabbed the equipment. “I gave up when it became clear you have some kind of immunity to rat poison.”

Muttering a curse, Dante patted her ass hard enough to propel her forward. “Slope.”

“What’s the point?” she asked, awkwardly tromping through the snow in boots that felt like lead weights. “We both know how this will go. I’ll win, you’ll sulk, and then—” She came to sharp stop as clumps of snow plopped on her head, courtesy of the people on the chairlift above them tapping their skis together. Some of the snow slid down the neck of her suit, and the cold shock of it made her curse.

Dante gently turned her, mouth curved, and batted away the snow. “You okay, baby?”

She narrowed her eyes at his amused tone. “It’s not funny.” The bastard patronizingly tapped her on the nose she could no longer feel.

“Want to know why I think you’re so reluctant to hit the slope?”

“Not particularly.”

Leaning in as if to share a secret, Dante got a strong waft of her sunscreen mingled in with her scent. “I think you’re trying to avoid using the chairlift.” He remembered now how much she’d hated riding on them the first time they went skiing. He pointed to one that was passing. “Look, it’s perfectly safe.”

“It’s a couch on a rope.”

“A steel cable, actually.”

“And it’s not safe at all—they have a rescue team for a reason. Look at it. Listen to it.” All that ominous creaking made her shudder and certainly didn’t inspire confidence in the contraption.

“You’re so damn cute.” Dante kissed her, licking into her mouth. She tasted like the hot chocolate she’d drank a little earlier. “But you’re still going on the chairlift.”

“It’s an accident waiting to happen.”

“It’s a chairlift. Now let’s go.”

“What if it breaks? What if the rope—”

“Steel cable.”

“—snaps and the chair crashes to the ground, crushing us beneath it, and we die on impact? What then?”

He pulled her close and rubbed his nose against hers. “We’re not going to die. You know why, baby? Because we’re not going to get crushed. And you know why we won’t get crushed? Because the chairlift isn’t going to crash to the ground—the steel cable will hold just fine.” He rubbed her back until the tension left her. “Feel better?”

“Not about the chairlift.”

“Forget about the damn chairlift. Relax. Take in the views. Listen to the people laughing. Enjoy the ozone scent of ice.” He kissed her again, taking his time and indulging in a thorough taste of her. He groaned when she sucked on his tongue. “I shouldn’t be able to get hard when I’m so cold I can’t feel my fingers or toes. I don’t like that there’s all this material between your skin and mine.”

Smiling, Jaime curled her arms around his neck. “When we go back to the lodge, you can strip off said materials, jump in the hot tub with me, and then do really clever things with that big piece of equipment you’re packing.”

“Sounds like a plan.” And he did love plans, though nowhere near as much as he loved the female in his arms who drove him insane—on purpose, he might add. “Love you, baby.” Her smile turned even brighter.

“Love you too, Popeye.”

He sighed at the ridiculous nickname. “Then let’s get your hot little ass to the slope so we


There was a loud creak followed by an ominous bang, and the chairlift came to a sudden, grinding halt.

“Oh yeah,” said Jaime in a deadpan voice, “perfectly safe.”

“It’ll be fixed in no time and—hey, where are you going?” He went to follow her…and almost fell flat on his face again. “Jaime! Pick up the damn skis!”

© Suzanne Wright

This scene was originally at the beginning of Chapter 21, but it just didn’t seem to fit there and I couldn’t find another satisfactory place for it either. Since my word count was a little high, I figured I’d remove the scene. And here it is…

Makenna headed for breakfast by herself, since Ryan was patrolling the perimeter. She entered the kitchen just in time to hear Riley sigh and say, “Look, Gretchen—”

“It’s Greta,” snapped the old woman.

“I don’t care.”

Stifling a smile, Makenna took the seat opposite the raven shifter, who crossed her eyes. Makenna was glad Riley was there if for no other reason than that she seemed to grate on every single nerve Greta possessed purely by existing. It was fun to watch.

After a few minutes of general chitchat, Dante strolled in and announced, “We have a visitor.” Behind him, a guy entered who was pretty much Cam with wrinkles and gray hair.

Smiling Lydia went to him. “Hey, Allen!” She hugged him tight. “What brings you here?”

“I just came to see how my youngest nephew is doing.” He flashed everyone a smile, and his eyes lit as they landed on Trey’s grandmother. He gave her a long, courteous nod—almost a bow—and said, “Greta.”

The old woman flushed and squirmed in her seat, nodding back. Well, well, well. Greta then jumped to her feet and said, “I’ll go and tell Cam you’re here.”

Riley, who clearly hadn’t missed Greta’s reaction, turned to the elderly man with a cunning gleam in her eyes. “So, you’re Cam’s uncle?”

Allen gave her a bright smile and took the seat opposite. “That’s right. And who are you?”


“A raven,” he guessed.

“Very good.”

“It’s all that dark hair.”

Makenna held her hand out to him. “I’m Ryan’s mate, Makenna.”

“Ryan found his mate?” Allen shook her hand. “Well I’ll be damned. Congratulations to you both.”

Makenna decided not to tell him that she wasn’t yet sure if Ryan was her true mate. It didn’t matter at this point anyway.

Allen turned back to Riley. “And whose mate are you?”

“Oh, I haven’t mated into the pack.” Riley cleared her throat. “I needed a place to hide and the Phoenix wolves offered me sanctuary, so I accepted their kind offer. I was thinking of leaving, but Trey’s grandmother is insisting I stay here where I’ll be safe.”

His smile widened, stretching from ear to ear. “Greta has a heart of gold.”

Riley blinked, miraculously keeping her smile in place. “She has.”

Makenna exchanged a grin with a wide-eyed Jaime. Taryn was silently laughing so hard she almost fell off her seat. Makenna wondered if she should have warned the pack that ravens were mischievous creatures and rather proud of it.

Leaning toward Allen, Riley asked, “So, how long have you two been dating?”

He spluttered, cheeks reddening. “Oh, Greta and I aren’t dating.”

The raven’s brows lifted. “Really? I’m surprised. I haven’t been here long, but she talks about you all the time.”

Makenna closed her eyes. Oh, Lord.

Quietly, he said, “She does?”

“Oh yeah. Maybe you should ask her out,” Riley suggested. “I’m pretty sure she’d say yes. You don’t have to call it a date. You could make it sound like something casual. Just two friends enjoying a pleasant dinner.”

He smiled again. “I like you, Riley.”

Riley shrugged one shoulder. “I just want her to be happy. After all, she’s an absolute treasure.”

There was a snort of laughter that might have come from Taryn. Conversation halted as

Cam strode into the room, grinning.

Giving Riley a conspiratorial wink, Allen headed to him. “Cam, it’s good to see you.”

Shaking her head at the raven, Makenna was about to speak when an unhappy Tao moved to stand behind Riley.

“You enjoyed that, didn’t you?” he said to Riley.

Pausing with her cup halfway to her mouth, Riley glanced over her shoulder. Her lips flattened. “Oh. It’s you.” She gave him her back.

Tao scowled. “What do you mean, ‘it’s you?’”

She blinked at him. “I don’t understand how I wasn’t clear. Is it not you?”

Eyes narrowing, Tao said, “You’re going to be nothing but trouble.”

Riley gave him a winning smile. “Aw, thanks.”

© Suzanne Wright

A lazy day for the Phoenix Pack, Summer 2015

From her lounger on the large inflatable raft, Taryn heaved a heavy sigh. “Do we have to?”

“Yes,” replied Trey, sitting on the lounger beside hers.



“But this is the happiest I’ve been in years.” How could she not be happy watching Greta float further and further away on her lilo? “I don’t think she wants our help.”

“Even though she’s screeching ‘Help!’ at the top of her lungs while waving frantically?”

Taryn shrugged one shoulder. “It sounds more like ‘Hello’ to me.”

“I agree,” said Jaime, who was in the back portion of the raft with Dante, Ryan, and Trick. “But honestly, it’s getting harder and harder to tell now that she’s almost a dot in my vision.”

“I’ll get her,” chuckled Trick before diving into the water.

Taryn sighed again. “I’ll never get rid of Old Mother Hubbard, will I?” But she’d keep thinking up ways to try. She’d watched enough CSI to know how to get away with it. At the sound of a familiar giggle, Taryn turned to see Kye waving as he passed by in his little inflatable car that Tao was pushing around. She waved back. “Hey, little man!”

“Um, what’s Roni doing?” asked Dante.

Lifting her sunglasses a little, Taryn tracked the Beta’s gaze. “I think she’s trying to drown Marcus.”

“Well he did eat the last of the chocolate cupcakes,” said Jaime. “Or, to be more accurate, he ate most of the chocolate cupcakes. Here’s Dominic.”

The raft shook a little as the enforcer climbed on, grinning. He whispered into Taryn’s ear, “I know somebody who likes you but if I weren’t so shy, I’d tell you who.” There was a thud, and Dominic flinched. “Ow.”

Taryn smiled. “Thanks, Ryan.” He grunted.

Trey slid into the water. “Come for a swim with me, baby.”

“I’m busy melting.” She squealed as a hand locked around her ankle and dragged her into the water. She rose to the surface with a splutter. “You bastard.” It annoyed her more that he dodged the fist that she swung at his jaw.

He yanked her against him, stifling a smile. “I’m sorry.”

“No, you’re not.”

“True.” He brushed his mouth against hers. “I’ll make it up to you later.”

She twined her arms around his neck. “How exactly?”

“I’ll make you come until you pass out again. Good enough?”

“I did not pass out. I merely had a brief cat nap.”

“You passed out.” Raking his teeth over his claiming mark, Trey curled her legs around him. “Do you remember when I gave you this mark, baby? I do every time I look at it. I remember you all hot and tight and wet around me.” He ground against her clit, hard just thinking about it. “I remember wanting to keep you the first day I found you.”

“Um, ‘found’ is quite misleading, Flintstone. I think the term you’re looking for is ‘drugged and kidnapped.’ I still maintain that Stockholm Syndrome played a part in my attraction to you.”

“Nah. You were just hot for me.”

She chuckled. “Cocky fucker.”

“But you love me.”

“Yeah, well, you love me.”

“I do.” Always would. He kissed her hard and deep; tasting sunshine, salt water, and that unique flavor that was all his mate. His body was aching for her. Once they got home, he would—

“Have some self-respect, hussy, and peel yourself off my grandson.”

And there went his hard-on. Trey growled. “We should have let the sea have her.”

Taryn cocked her head. “Honestly, Trey, I think it would have spat her back out.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right.”

© Suzanne Wright

Halloween At Phoenix Pack Territory, 2013

As Trey took in the sight around him, he wondered what it would be like to have a mate who actually listened to a word he said. His home had looked totally normal when he left it three hours ago. Now the caves looked like a spooky crypt, the Ghostbusters theme song was blasting from the speakers in the living area, and everyone was dressed up in weird costumes. He turned to the nearest person to him, who happened to be his Beta female. She was so busy dancing, she hadn’t even noticed him. “What was it about ‘no party’ that you found so hard to understand? And why does my son look like a banana that’s dressed up in overalls?”

Still dancing, Jaime cuddled the giggling four month old against her chest. “He’s a minion. You know, from Despicable Me?”

Trey didn’t need to ask who the mastermind behind all this was. He didn’t much like parties, never had. But Taryn, his mate, had made it very clear that she intended to introduce him to the concept of ‘fun’ and insisted in forcing that fun on him.

“Come on, Trey, did you really think we wouldn’t celebrate Kye’s first Halloween in true style?”

Dante appeared at Jaime’s side. Oddly enough, he looked just as unimpressed about all this as Trey was…although that might have been because he was wearing a Thor costume.

“Jaime made you wear it, didn’t she?”

Scowling at his mate, who was dressed in a half-angel-half-devil outfit, Dante replied, “Yup.”

“Where’s Taryn?”

Dante gestured behind him. “She was talking to Marcus a few minutes ago.”

Intending to seek her out, Trey went to take his son.

Jaime snorted and held Kye tighter. “Oh, no. I’m under strict instructions from my Alpha female to keep hold of Kye so that your negativity doesn’t spill over onto him.”

He was gonna spank Taryn’s ass so damn hard. Shrugging past them, Trey headed over to where Marcus was stood with the Grim Reaper, Beetlejuice, and a life-size bottle of Jack Daniels, who turned out to be Ryan, Trick, and Tao. Marcus, who was unbelievably covered from his torso to his knees in a giant pack of King Size Condoms, presented Trey with his usual clown-wide grin that tonight held a hint of smugness. Well, considering he was acting like a dick he was appropriately dressed. “Where is she, Marcus?”

“Um…she’s around here somewhere,” he awkwardly replied, though his grin hadn’t faded. The little witch’s decision to hide was a very wise one.

There was one person who Trey knew wouldn’t cover for her. “Where’s Greta?” His grandmother would no doubt be just as annoyed about this party as he was.

“I think she’s in the kitchen.”

Trey marched through the tunnels into the crowded kitchen and made a beeline for his grandmother, determined to ignore the fact that Dominic was dressed as a snake charmer – complete with a large Cobra rising from a hole in the groin of his trousers. It was only as Trey neared Greta that he realized she was wearing a green skirt-suit, had fake black birds stuck all over her, and was covered in fake cuts…like the woman from The Birds. The damn traitor.

Seeing that he was gaping at her, she shifted uncomfortably. “I’m doing this for Kye.”

Really? Because she looked like she was having a heck of a time with Mary Poppins and Burt – or Lydia and Cam. “Where’s Taryn?”

Greta smirked evilly. Oh she might be prepared to enjoy the party, but that didn’t mean she would do Taryn any favors. She never missed a chance to annoy his mate. “She went to the bedroom to change.”

In less than thirty seconds, he was barging into the bedroom. The sight of Taryn stopped him dead. She was wearing a long Morticia-Addams-like gown that probably shouldn’t have looked sexy as shit but so did. But he’d ignore that. Clearing his throat, he glared into eyes that contained no trace of guilt. “Is there a reason why you completely ignored me?”

She regarded him with mock pity. “Is there a reason why you expected me not to?” She only rolled her eyes when he growled. “Come on, Trey, it’s just a party.”

He advanced on her. “It’s not just a party, there are props and decorations and fake spider webs everywhere! This place looks like a tomb!”

“Then it’s a good thing there’s a tomb raider around.” And then she dropped the gown she was hearing.

He froze, mesmerized by the image of her in that Lara Croft outfit. “Holy shit.”

She raked a nail down his chest. “Here’s the deal. If you agree to try to have fun, I’ll leave this on and we’ll have your type of fun with it later. If not…well, I guess I’ll just have to change.”

“Let’s party.” He knew he was being played, but while she was dressed like that he didn’t care.

She smiled brightly and kissed him. “I knew you’d see reason. Now, time for you to change. I have the perfect costume.” She gestured at the bed. Oh she had to be kidding.

“No! No! No! I am not dressing like Fred Flintstone!”

© Suzanne Wright

A Phoenix Pack Christmas Story, 2013

Two steps into the bedroom, Dante stumbled over something and almost fell flat on his face. Glancing down, he wasn’t surprised to find a stray shoe. “Jaime!” From her spot on the floor amidst rolls of wrapping paper, tags, ribbons, and a pile of gift-wrapped boxes, she lifted her head and presented him with a bright smile that always hit him straight in the gut. Ignoring the sensation, he glowered. “Do you want me to fall and break my neck, is that it?”

Cocking her head at her mate – and inwardly laughing her ass off – Jaime replied, “I’ve thought about it.” When he picked up her shoe and pointed it at her, she sensed a lecture coming. “Lay off, Popeye. I’ve been using the shoe rack.”

“Yeah, to put CDs on.” He gestured at the sporadically placed shoes. In honesty, the mess bothered him more than repeatedly tripping over. “Why do you have to scatter them everywhere?”

“Think of it as a test of your coordination and balance.”


“Stop obsessing over it.” Smiling again, she jumped to her feet. “That’s everything wrapped. You’re just in time to help me move it all.”

Fully intending to spank her ass later, Dante helped her carry the gifts through the network of tunnels. In the living area, most of the pack was seated on the large sectional sofa, watching The Grinch. Taryn was playing on the floor with baby Kye while Trey was stood frowning at the tree, telling Ryan, “I just don’t understand the purpose of it.” He had been whining about the decorations for weeks.

Having positioned the gifts under the tree, Jaime stood upright to find that Dominic had come to her side, wearing a flirtatious grin and holding mistletoe over her head. “Oh for God’s sake.”

Dominic just laughed when Dante snatched it. “All I want for Christmas is you, Jaime.”

Dante sighed. “Dom, don’t make me hurt you. Again.” 

Dominic ignored him. “Come on, Jaime, would you really deprive me – your favorite person ever – of the thing I want most?”

“Yes, yes, I would.”

“How could you be so selfish and ? Ow!” Rubbing the back of his head, he scowled at Dante. “Now that was uncalled for.”

Rolling her eyes, Jaime turned away from them and noticed that Kye had crawled to Ryan and was tugging on the leg of his jeans. The little guy had taken an extreme liking to the enforcer. Looking awkward, Ryan reached down, gripped the back of Kye’s sweater, and lifted him. Blowing bubbles, Kye grabbed Ryan’s nose. Wincing, Ryan tried handing the baby to Trey, but Kye wasn’t prepared to release his new toy.

Taryn laughed. “He has a soft spot for you, Ryan.”

Greta huffed at Taryn and gestured at the fairy lights decorating the room. “Is all this really necessary? I’m starting to get a migraine from all the twinkling.”

Taryn smiled sweetly. “I suppose if you’ve lived to see over three hundred Christmas days come and go, it’s hard to get excited anymore. On another note, did you remember to put wrinkle cream on your list?”

“Why does it have to be me?” Tao’s whine had everyone’s head swiveling. Dressed as Santa, he was shoved into the room by Trick and Marcus.

Trick looked at him impatiently. “Stop moaning! It’s for Kye. It’s his first Christmas.”

Marcus nodded, chewing on a cookie. “Yeah, now go and do…whatever Santas do.”

With a long suffering sigh, Tao made his way to Kye. But no matter how much Tao fussed over him, the kid just frowned a very Alpha-like frown at him, totally unimpressed. Then he grabbed Tao’s nose and pinched hard.

Tao jerked backwards. “Ow! I’ll swear he just grunted.”

Dante turned to Jaime, only to find that she was bending over and adjusting the position of a bauble. And that was when he noticed it. His whole body tightened. The second she was upright, he cupped her elbow and whispered into her ear, “We need to be alone now.”

Confused and curious, Jaime allowed him to lead her out of the living area. It was quickly apparent that he was leading her to their bedroom. Once they were inside, he slammed the door closed, pushed her up against it, and swerved her around. “What the

Lifting up her t-shirt and jerking her jeans down slightly, Dante released a low groan and ran his finger along the white fur that lined his mate’s panties. Ignoring her indignant huffs and slapping hands, he stripped her down to her underwear in seconds and then twisted her to face him. He raked his gaze over her, feeling his mouth dry up at the sight of her in the red lacy, fur-lined underwear. “Damn.”

“It was supposed to be a surprise for later,” she grumbled.

“I think you should reward me for being a good boy this year and let me unwrap you early.” He pulled her against him and nipped her neck.

She snorted. “A good boy? Considering the things you do to me in that bed, you must be constantly on the naughty list. But don’t worry – ‘nice’ bores me.”

“Glad to hear it, since you’re stuck with me. Even though I suspect you’re trying to break my neck, I’m keeping you.”

Jaime locked her arms around his neck. “And even though you’re a total neat freak who likes to control everything around him, I’m keeping you.”

He smiled against her mouth. “That’s good, because I intend to love you and irritate you for the rest of our lives.” He kissed her. “I say we don’t leave this room again until morning. After all, it’s important to celebrate our first Christmas as a mated couple in style.”

“In style, huh. I can go with that.”

“But first…” His expression turned pained. “Do you think you could put all your shoes on the rack?”

“Oh for the love of all that’s –! Therapy, you need therapy!”

© Suzanne Wright

In the original version of ‘Feral Sins’ that was released March 4, 2012. Chapter 17 contained a ménage scene that took place between Taryn, Trey, and the enforcers. Yes, between all of them. It really isn’t for the faint-hearted. Still here? Okay, don’t say you weren’t warned.

The little witch was stalling. Trey smiled to himself. Fifteen minutes ago she had told him to get naked on the bed and wait for her, and then she had disappeared into the bathroom. Well he was naked, and he was waiting, and he was so hard it hurt – he had been since the moment she told him she had a kinky piece of lingerie from Victoria’s Secret. The only time his cock had given him a brief reprieve was when he went on that damn deathtrap. Now it was time for her to live up to her end of the bargain, and he had a feeling his mate was regretting having made it in the first place.

He could feel that she was nervous. She should be – he had plenty in mind for her tonight. Now he would introduce her to his ideas of fun. Or, at least, he would if she would just come out of the damn bathroom. “Ready yet, baby?”

“Almost,” she replied from behind the door.

Smiling, he asked, “You’re not thinking of backing out of our deal, are you?”

“Of course not,” she snapped.

“Then get your ass in here.” After a good thirty seconds the lock clicked open and she stepped into the room. His jaw hit the floor. “Holy shit.” Her gorgeous breasts were spilling out of satin cups that were held in place by spaghetti straps and had a loose fitting skirt that fell to her upper thigh, barely hiding the matching lacy black thong. Even better, the skirt split down the center, flashing him a strip of the velvety skin of her stomach. His wolf growled, wanting Trey to place her on her hands and knees and then fuck her until neither of them could move.

He sat up and moved to the edge of the bed. His voice was taut with lust. “Come here.” When she hesitated, he arched a brow and said sternly, “You’re my toy for the next hour, remember. You have to do as I say.”

Damn caveman bastard. Anticipation, excitement, curiosity, and nervousness raged through Taryn as she went to stand between his legs. For a long moment he didn’t touch her, just caressed her entire body from head to toe with his gaze. The hunger in his eyes sent a bolt of heat through her. As if she wasn’t hot enough just looking at him sitting there in his birthday suit! God the man had one hell of a body. He was all muscle and power with a raw sexuality emitting from him that captivated her wolf. Oh yeah it was a body that promised gratification – something he had already delivered plenty of times.

“Mine. All mine.” His expression dared her to deny it, but she didn’t. He wondered just how long the good behavior would last. “Hands behind your back.” To his surprise, she immediately obeyed. “Very good. Keep them there.” He slid his hands through the split in the skirt and shaped her waist, enjoying the feel of her soft skin beneath his fingers. Snaking his hands further around, he dipped them to cup her ass while licking along the swell of her breasts. He loved her ass – it was firm and pert and fit just right in his hands, much like the breasts he was staring at. “I think I’d like better access to these.” He slipped his hands into the satin cups and scooped out her breasts. Perfect.

A moan slipped out of Taryn as he curled his tongue around one of her nipples. He sucked, bit, licked and grazed it with his teeth before moving on to the other. Goosebumps broke over her skin when he pulled back and blew on both wet buds until they tightened painfully. Needing his mouth on them again to take away the ache, she swayed forward slightly and arched into him. The piece of shit spanked her ass instead.

“Spread your legs a little for me. Good girl.” Without any preamble he slipped a finger inside her and groaned when her muscles gripped it tight and moisture greeted it. He slowly thrust his finger in and out of her, watching her face the entire time and the range of responses that played across it – pleasure, need, frustration, restlessness. “Do you like that?” He frowned at her nod. “Give me the words, baby.”

“Yes I like it.”

“Good girl.” Rewardingly, he drew a nipple into his mouth while circling her clit with the thumb of the hand that was finger-fucking her. Then he inserted another finger and gave her more of those lazy thrusts that never failed to drive her crazy – and that was the whole idea. He needed that nervous tension gone from her body, needed her mindless and so driven by the need to come that she wouldn’t balk at those desires she pretended she didn’t have. So he continued with the leisurely thrusts, occasionally curving to find her sweet spot but then slowing almost to a halt whenever she came close to climaxing.

Motherfucking son of a goddamn cock-sucking bitch! For the eighth time now he had refused to let her come. Taryn considered breaking his nose…but that would mean she would need to take the time to heal him and it would only prolong things. As he well knew, she wasn’t much into soft, slow and savouring every minute. Right now, all she wanted was her mate to fuck her senseless. Was that really too much to ask? At this point she was shaking with want and frustration, and the word ‘please’ was actually on the edge of her tongue. Hell if she would say it though.

She gasped as he latched onto her nipple again, sucking hard and sending a zing of bliss to her clit. She didn’t realize she’d moved her hands and threaded them through his hair until he pulled back and gave her a warning look. Growling her annoyance, she clasped her hands behind her. She almost sobbed when, for the ninth time, he brought her to the edge but didn’t allow her to topple over. It was official – he was evil.

“Would you like to know what’s going to happen next, baby? Some of the pack are coming in. They’ll be here any minute now.” Just as he’d expected, she froze. He gave her a particularly hard thrust with his fingers and pressed his thumb down on her clit, wrenching a moan from her. “None of them are going to fuck you. I can’t have that. But they are going to watch, and they are going to touch you. They’re going to watch me take you and wish it was them fucking you, but they’ll know they can’t have you like that because you’re mine.”

Oh the devious bastard. He’d purposely set out to get her into a desperate, mindless state where she wouldn’t care about anything other than him letting her come – and it had worked! She was going to kill him, really, she was. Tomorrow. After he’d made her come half a dozen times. Then she’d kill him.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you, baby? You might not like that you want it, but you do.”

The part of her still in denial about her exhibitionist streak was saying a resounding ‘no’, but that voice was buried below her overwhelming need to come and also beneath the intrigued part of her that wanted to explore this kink she had. She’d be lying if she said she wasn’t attracted to the guys or that she didn’t care for them, but this just didn’t seem like Trey. “Why would you let other guys touch me? I don’t get it.”

“These aren’t ‘other guys’, baby. These are people who left their own pack when they were just teenagers, who placed their faith in me, and who’ve been loyal to me. They’re even prepared to enter a battle with me knowing that they may very well die. Others might have left the sinking ship, but not these guys. In a few days, it’s possible that we’ll be burying some of them, but they’re prepared to stay and fight to protect you. That means more to me than anything else they’ve ever done. We could have this one night together. I know how much they care about you, and I know how much you care about them. But if you don’t want this, I’ll tell them they can only watch. It’s up to you, baby.”

The knock at the door made her jump.     

“What do you think, baby? Shall we let them join in our fun?” Again he curved his fingers to target her sweet spot, making his thrusts cajoling. “Shall we?”

Swallowing hard, she nodded.

He bit her lip. “You’re nodding again. Give me the words.”

“Yes, let them.”

“That’s my good girl.”

Taryn gasped as the fingers of his free hand abruptly tunneled into her hair and his tongue drove into her mouth, stroking her own. As always, his kiss took her over and he greedily drank her into himself. All she could do was kiss him back and cling to him – the only solid thing in her world just then.

Finally he pulled back and then called out, “Come in.”

All with a bottle of beer in hand and wearing boyish expressions, Dante, Tao, Marcus, Trick, Dominic and Ryan entered the room. Taryn might have laughed at how giddy they looked if she wasn’t so out of it.

“I am loving that thing she’s wearing,” remarked Dominic. Freaking perv.

“The thong’s even better.” Tao’s grin was clear in his voice.

Dante gave her a wicked smile. “That is one amazing body.” Ryan grunted his agreement.

Trey returned the smile. “Yes, it is. The most gorgeous breasts, the sweetest ass, and the most fuckable mouth I ever saw.”

“Definitely a mouth made for sucking,” stated Marcus. Trick nodded, swallowing hard.

“Damn, Trey, you’ve got to let me taste one of those nipples.”

Trey shook his head at Dominic. “Let’s get one thing very clear first. Taryn is mine. This body is mine. Every inch of it belongs to me.” He twirled the fingers that were inside her, feeling her knees buckle slightly. “All mine. I’m going to let you all touch her this one time, but never again after that. And no one fucks her – not her pussy, not her ass. I’m the only who takes her there. Understand?”

They all nodded.

“And you, Taryn. Do you understand that?” She nodded. “Tell me. Whose body is this?”


“That’s my good girl. Now, I have a job for you to do. On your knees, Taryn. Keep those hands behind your back. Very good. Now everyone’s going to watch while you suck me off, baby. You want them to, don’t you? Because you know every one of them will be wishing it was their cock in your mouth.”

That did not rev her engines. Not one little bit. Taryn ran her tongue along the length of his cock from base to tip and lathed the head, making him groan. Holding his gaze, she licked the drop of pre-come from the slit.

He tapped her cheek lightly with his cock. “Open up.” He groaned when she finally took him into her mouth. “Oh yeah, that’s it, you know how I like it.” The sight of her down there with her lips wrapped him and her breasts spilling out of her babydoll had him close to coming already. He wasn’t going to last long.

“You’re one lucky bastard, Trey,” said Trick.

Trey smirked. “I do feel very lucky right now.” Feeling his climax fast approaching, he roughly speared his fingers into her hair and began to guide her movements, urging her to suck faster. He tugged on her hair to the point of pain, knowing she liked it, feeling she liked it. “I’m going to come, Taryn. Get ready. I want you to swallow it all.” So did his wolf – he wanted to mark his female, his mate, in this primitive way as he had been craving to for months. A loud guttural groan escaped him as his orgasm hit and jets of come shot down her throat. It had felt so good he was surprised he hadn’t past out, especially since he’d been waiting to come all damn day. He pulled her to her feet and gently skimmed his thumb along her jawline. “Very good. Now I think you deserve a reward. What do you think, boys?”

There was a “Definitely” and an “Oh yes” and a “Please God”.

If the reward involved coming, Taryn was game. His dark, hooded gaze ensnared her as he spoke again, his voice ringing with dominance and power in a way that never failed to make her shiver. Her wolf loved it.

“I want you to go and lay back on the bed with your legs spread. Can you do that for me?”

Did bears shit in the woods? Instantly Taryn clambered onto the bed and did as he asked. One or two of the guys cursed when she spread her legs. She might have blushed if her need to come hadn’t overridden her inhibitions.

“Shit, look at how wet she is,” uttered Dante.

Trey loomed over her. “Did you like sucking my cock, baby?” When she only nodded, he arched a brow. “I can’t hear you.”


Groaning, Dominic turned to Trey. “Let me taste her, Trey. I want to know what she tastes like.”

Trey nodded once and stepped back. Without missing a beat, Dominic dropped to his knees and buried his face between her legs.

Taryn bucked in surprise, groaning. Dominic tormented her with his tongue, alternating between nibbling on her clit, swiping his tongue through her folds, and circling her entrance with that tongue – never delving inside. Instead of providing her with some measure of relief, it was only succeeding in working her into a frenzy.

“Does she taste good?” asked Tao, his voice hoarse.

Dominic didn’t even lift his head as he answered. “Better than anything I’ve ever tasted.”

“Do you like having Dom eat you out, Taryn? She’s not answering me, Trey.”

“Marcus asked you a question, baby.”

“Yes, I like it,” she breathed, resisting the urge to bark at them all for treating her like..well, a toy. Dammit, why did she make that deal? “I need to come.”

“Are you done tasting her yet, Dominic?” When he shook his head, Trey gave her a shrug. “He’s not done yet baby. You’ll just have to wait.”

She kicked out at Dominic and swiped her claws at her asshole of a mate. “Goddammit Trey!”

He pinned her with a look. “Are you going to keep still or do I have to ask two of the guys to pin you down?”

She stiffened. “You wouldn’t.”

“Of course I would. As a matter of fact, I like the idea of you unable to move while we use you in every way we want.” Seeing the questions in Ryan and Tao’s eyes as they climbed on the bed, Trey nodded. Both bent over her and each drew a nipple into their mouth.

She cursed in surprise and Dominic chuckled, sending vibrations through her clit, which he was teasingly flicking with the flat of his tongue. Then he was nibbling, licking, and stabbing her with that talented tongue, and she was moaning, whimpering and crying out, unable to keep quiet. Damn he knew his way around the kitchen. She wasn’t doing too good against the overload of sensations and she could feel her climax just out of reach. “I really, really need to come.”

“Good, because I’m ready to let you. Dominic.” Instantly Dominic drove two fingers inside her and fucked her hard with them as he suckled on her clit – that was all it took. Her thighs squeezed his head as she came, screaming. He continued to deliver teasing licks to her clit, helping her ride out her orgasm, until finally she slumped onto the mattress. He held her gaze as he offered his fingers to Dante who sucked them clean, groaning. Well shit.

The sex-crazed look on her face almost had Trey coming again. “Step back, Dominic. I think my little bitch is ready to take my cock.” Trey knelt on the bed and pulled her legs up straight against his chest. “Come on, baby, let’s show them how well you take me.” Holding her eyes, he rammed his cock inside her and began roughly pounding into her, knowing it was what she craved.

“Yeah, Trey, give it to her,” urged Dante who was fisting his cock.

“Shit,” said Ryan, lifting his head from her breast to watch Trey hammer into her. “Is she tight?”

“Deliciously tight.” Taryn didn’t seem to have liked Ryan pausing in the activity because she grabbed his head and shoved it back to her breast, making Ryan chuckle. “Tight, wet, hot, and all mine. Aren’t you, baby? You were made for me. The reason you exist is to take my cock inside you. Isn’t that right?”

Taryn nodded, once again suppressing her reflex to challenge him. She could feel an orgasm ready to tear through her and the last thing she wanted was for him to stop. God it was going to be a monster-big one. Then abruptly he slowed his pace and made his thrusts shallow. Urgh! She’d done everything he told her to do! She hadn’t once complained! She hadn’t spat any profanities at him – well, not aloud anyway. Yet here he was taking the fucking piss. “Trey…”

“You didn’t answer me, baby. You know I don’t like it when you just nod. I’ll say it again. The reason you exist is to take my cock inside you, isn’t that right?”

“Yes! Now fuck me!”

“Shall I fuck you hard?” He slammed into her. “Like that?” She nodded. “I can’t hear you, Taryn.”

“Yes fuck me hard!” Then he was hammering into her again and she was almost sobbing with the pleasure/pain of it, clasping at the bed-sheet so hard she wouldn’t be surprised if she tore it. Not that she could bring herself to care about that or anything other than the fevered pounding that Trey was subjecting her to, oh and the hand that was playing with her clit – Dante knew some good tricks. She bucked as she felt her climax crashing toward her. Again Trey stopped just as she was about to come. Motherfucker.

Trey wasn’t surprised when her upper body sprung up and she clawed his chest. “Trick, Marcus.” Without hesitation each of them gripped one of her hands and pinned them to the bed. She struggled and threatened them and their livelihood, but Trey only tskd. “Now that wasn’t very nice. Do you want to get fucked or not?”

What she wanted was to bite his cock off and beat him over the head with it. Tomorrow, she’d do that tomorrow. “Yes,” she growled.

“Then lay back, don’t move, shut the fuck up, and take it.” At that Trey began pounding into her at a frenzied pace that had her back arching and more husky cries escaping her throat. Ryan bit down hard on her nipple, causing her to gasp and making her muscles tighten around him. Shit. God, he loved being inside her, loved seeing that spark of defiance in her eyes, and he loved feeling her come apart around him. But he wasn’t ready to let her come just yet. He abruptly stopped and pulled out of her completely.


“I think she needs something to fill that dirty mouth up. Marcus.”

Wearing the most boyish grin, Marcus took out his cock with his free hand – still pinning her down with the other. “I want that pretty mouth around my cock, Taryn. Open.”

She growled and gave him a defiant look. They were all acting way too cocky for her liking. Then suddenly a mouth clamped around her clit and she looked down to see that Tao and Trey had swapped places. Tao abruptly lifted her hips and sank his tongue inside her. Taking advantage of her gasp of surprise, Marcus surged into her mouth. Trick obviously knew him well enough to know what Marcus wanted because he used his own free hand to hold her head still while Marcus fucked her mouth. And he really did fuck her mouth. Used it in a way that only Trey had ever done.

“By the way, Marcus, don’t come in her mouth.”

“Aw, Trey, that’s evil,” groaned Marcus.

“Evil would be for me to take that mouth back right now. Taryn doesn’t swallow anyone’s cum but mine.”

When Trick chuckled Marcus turned on his best friend and scowled at him. “You can swallow it then.” Just imagining that had Taryn groaning. “Shit, she just groaned around my cock. Someone swap places with Trick so he can suck me off or I’ll end up coming in her mouth.”

No sooner had Marcus withdrew from her mouth and Trick had released her hand than Tao was there twisting her head and driving his own cock into her mouth while pinning her down. He fucked her mouth in hard feral digs. Seriously, she should not like being used like this, and yet she did. And she’d thought Trey was weird! Upping her arousal was the feel and sounds of Marcus’ groans around her nipple – she knew Trick was deep throating him and she wanted to see badly!

As if Tao had read her mind, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and turned her head. Wow. Trick was on his knees with the entire length of Marcus’ cock in his mouth – and it wasn’t a small cock. She’d always thought that watching two guys together was hot, but these two looked that much hotter together. That probably had a lot to do with how close they were. Oh and how seriously gorgeous they both were, of course. It wasn’t long before Tao swerved her head back to face him and lunged into her mouth.

“Do you like having all these hands and mouths on you, Taryn?” asked Trey. “Ryan’s tongue in your pussy, Marcus’ mouth on your nipple, Dominic’s teeth on your other nipple, Dante’s fingers on your clit, Tao’s cock in your mouth – do you like it, baby?”

All she could do was moan, which had Tao cursing.

“Are you ready for me to fuck you and make you come so hard you scream?”

Again she moaned, and again Tao cursed before withdrawing his cock. Then Ryan’s mouth disappeared and Trey was slamming his cock into her, forcing every inch into her body and burying himself to the hilt in one stroke. He didn’t give her a minute to adjust. No, he just fucked her, took her, owned her, used her. She writhed beneath him, practically sobbing with all the sensations riding her body. Then suddenly Marcus bent and plunged his tongue between her lips and teeth. His kiss was different than Trey’s was, but not bad different. Trey totally overwhelmed her mouth, devastated it. Marcus’ kiss was more coaxing although just as intense.

“Does it feel good when he fucks you hard like that?” asked Trick as he stood, presumably having made Marcus come. The wistfulness in Trick’s voice had Taryn smiling inwardly. Wanting to tease him for pinning her down earlier – she refused to accept that she kind of liked it – she groaned, “Yes, it feels so good. You’re wishing it was you he was fucking, aren’t you?”

“Shit, Taryn.”

Trey laughed. “Sorry, Trick, I don’t swing that way. I do, however, have a fascination with Taryn’s ass.” Using one arm to pin both her legs against his chest, he abruptly drove one finger into her ass. She cried out and bucked.

“She’s gonna come, Trey. Let me touch her clit, let me set her off.”

Trey nodded at Dominic who then began drumming two fingers on her clit. Her muscles tightened around Trey again and he groaned. “Let me feel you come all over my cock.” Seconds later she exploded around him, screaming. Feeling her pleasure as well as his own had him coming so hard he saw spots. “Fuck.”

Nodding at Tao and Marcus, he signalled for them to release her hands. Once the guys had all moved from the bed, Trey collapsed beside her. Breathing in her scent and kissing her neck softly, he asked, “You okay, baby?”

“Mm.” That was all she could manage right now as she lay there, panting, lacking the strength to even keep her eyes open.

“Don’t think you can go asleep. I’m not done with this body yet.” He lapped at his mark. “While you recuperate, I’m just going to play with these rosy nipples here. And Trick and Marcus are going to taste you now – they haven’t had their turn yet, have they.” He tweaked, plucked, bit, and sucked her nipples, loving how she moaned and squirmed. Occasionally he peered down to see Marcus and Trick licking her and stabbing her with their tongues, surprised at how hot he found it to see his enforcers tasting his mate.

“I have to kiss that mouth, Trey,” groaned Dominic as squatted near her head. He tangled a hand in her hair and turned her face to his before driving his tongue into her mouth.

“You know what’s coming next, don’t you?” The words had rumbled out of Trey as anticipation rushed through him. “I’m going to fuck this sweet ass.”

“Hell, no. I don’t want to know what a stuffed turkey feels like.” Or what it would feel like if it was alive at the time it was being stuffed anyhow. Her wolf didn’t quite agree. Hussy.

“Now, now, Taryn, you said I could do whatever I want to you tonight. And I want my cock in your ass.” She could pretend she didn’t want this all she liked, but he could feel that she was intrigued, and he knew that she liked it whenever he finger-fucked her ass. Having indicated to Marcus and Trick to move, he flipped her onto her stomach and kissed his way down her spine. “You can either be good, or I’ll have Dominic and Ryan pin you down.”

“Why not me?” asked Dante, sounding petulant.

“Because you’re going to be fucking her mouth while I take her ass.”

The wicked grin on his Beta’s face almost had him laughing.

Taryn started to struggle, intending to scamper. “You can stay away from my ass.”

“Dominic, Ryan.”

She gasped in outrage as suddenly she was flattened to the bed and her wrists were pinned down by powerful hands. “Get off me!”

Trey pulled her ass in the air and spanked both cheeks hard, loving the look of his handprints on her ass. “Be still.”

“You’ll slice me in half!” The guys chuckled, which just made her more pissed.

“I’m your mate, Taryn. Your body was made to take mine – anywhere I want.”

She pulled against the hold Dominic and Ryan had on her, but their grips were secure. Dominic she would have expected this from since he was such a freaking pervert. But Ryan, the most protective of the bunch – she would never have imagined him pinning her down so that psycho boy back there could ream her ass! She glared at Ryan hard. “Don’t think you won’t pay for this tomorrow, Judas.”

Draping himself over her, Trey tangled a hand in her hair and snatched her head back. “This is what’s going to happen, Taryn. I’m going to finger-fuck your ass to get you ready for me. And you’ll like it, whether you want to or not, you’ll like it, you won’t be able to help it. Then I’m going to sink my cock into your ass and you’ll love it, baby, and you’ll want more. And I’ll give you more. I’ll give it to you hard and fast the way you’ll want it. And you’ll come screaming, I can promise you that.”

Using his and her cum combined, Trey lubricated her ass with one finger, thrusting it in and out of her in a rhythm he found kind of hypnotic. If the spellbound expressions on the guys’ faces were anything to go by, he wasn’t the only one. When he added another finger she jolted at the impact – not because it hurt, but because she was so tense. “Shh, baby, I won’t hurt you, you know I’d never hurt you.” As if those words eased her anxiety, she relaxed just a little. He continued readying her with two fingers, and soon she was groaning and writhing, trying to counter his thrusts. “That’s it. You like that?” She only nodded but he didn’t call her on it this time. Hell, he was too fascinated with the sight of his fingers moving in and out of her ass to care. When he added a third finger and she groaned in pleasure rather than pain, he knew she was ready.

Thank God. “Baby, I can’t wait any longer.” He slowly withdrew his fingers and then pressed his cock into her ass. “Shh, relax, let me in.” Releasing a long breath, she let the stiffness leave her body. He gave her back a soothing rub. “Good girl. Now push out as I push in.” Ignoring the urge to ram himself inside her, he fed her an inch of his cock at a time, careful not to hurt her. “Oh baby you have no idea how hot it is watching my cock disappear in your ass. Good, Taryn. Take more.” Finally he was fully sheathed. “Fuck, that feels incredible.”

He was right, it did – which surprised the hell out of Taryn, who had never felt so full in her life. Sure it hurt, but it was a good hurt. The bite of pain only intensified the pleasure. He’d been right – her body accommodated him, was made to accommodate him wherever he wanted to take her. If only he would move…

“Ready, baby?” Taking her moan as a yes, he slowly withdrew until only the head of his cock was inside, and then he slowly sank back in. A whimper escaped her. “I think she’s going to be good,” he told Dominic and Ryan. “Let go.” Looking extremely disappointed, they did. He rubbed Taryn’s back again. “Now, baby, it’s time for you to suck Dante’s cock.”

She should have been tired at this point, Taryn thought. Surely she would be. And surely she wouldn’t want to suck another cock after already taking care of Trey, Marcus, and Tao. Instead, she was licking her lips at the sight of Dante’s cock as he knelt on the bed before her. Clearly Greta was right – she was a hussy.

“Open up, Taryn,” said Dante, rubbing the head of his cock against her mouth. “I want those lips of yours wrapped around my cock.” The second she opened her mouth he surged forward. “Suck me deep, honey. That’s it. Those lips were created for this.”

“Hell yeah,” agreed Marcus.

Once Trey had given her a few more slow thrusts, she began to squirm restlessly. “You want more? You want it harder?” She nodded. “Taryn?”

She turned her head and met his gaze. “Yes I want it harder.”

“Good girl.”

Looking like a sulky kid, Dante gripped her head and turned it back to face him so she could keep sucking him off.

Trey gave her what she wanted, rearing back and then plunging back inside. He made his thrusts hard but not hard enough to make her come. When Dante gave him a look that said he was close to coming, Trey knotted a hand into her hair and urged her upright, keeping her back arched like a bow. “Look, baby. Look at them all stroking their cocks.”

His words had her eyes flipping open in surprise. Shit, he hadn’t been kidding. Each of them stood there fisting and pumping their cock. Well, other than Trick – he was now being sucked off by Marcus who was stroking his own cock at the same time.

“They’re imagining it’s them fucking your ass. But they can’t have your ass or your pussy, can they?”

“No,” she rasped.

“Tell them. Tell them they can’t ever fuck you.”

“You can’t ever fuck me.”

Using his grip on her hair, he wrenched her head back so he could hold her gaze. “And why can’t they, baby?”

“Because I’m yours.”

“That’s right, you’re my all mine. My little bitch. My good girl. My mate. Now bend over, baby, so they can all come all over you.” And then he was plunging hard, deep, and fast into her ass, knowing she wanted it, knowing she loved it. Loved it so much she was rearing back to meet his thrusts. “That’s it, baby. Make yourself come.” Without hesitation, she slid her hand between her legs and found her clit. “Scream my name for me when you come. That’s right.” The combination of feeling how violent her own orgasm was and hearing her scream his name quickly triggered his own orgasm. “Son of a bitch!” He watched as his Beta and his enforcers sprayed their cum over her back, panting and shuddering just as much as he was.

“That was the hottest fucking thing I ever saw,” stated Dominic hoarsely.

Well if the world’s worst pervert hadn’t seen anything hotter than that, it must have been pretty damn hot, mused Taryn with a smile as her eyes drifted shut.

“Stay there, baby, while we clean you up.”
If he thought she was going to object, he was crazy. She couldn’t have moved if her life depended on it. Many hands carefully cleaned and massaged her – the movements soothing, relaxing, and reverent. Each of the guys then whispered brief but sincere thanks in her ear, which was followed by either a kiss on the cheek or a kiss to her hair. Depleted, she managed to lift one hand and wave it once. They chuckled – apparently they found her fatigued state funny. Asses.

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