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Frequently Asked Questions

How many more books will there be in the Olympus Pride series?
I’m not entirely sure. I plan to give Tate, Luke, and Elle a story. More characters may pop up in the meantime that demand their own book. Tate’s will the second book of the series (coming 2021).

Are the Phoenix Pack series and the Mercury Pack series both finished now?
Yes, they are. I still can’t quite believe it, actually. It was hard to end them, but I love catching glimpses of them in the Olympus Pride series and seeing how they’re all doing.

The Phoenix and Mercury novels are interconnected. What order should I read them in?
In terms of timeline, they go in this order: Feral Sins, Wicked Cravings, Carnal Secrets, Dark Instincts, Spiral of Need, Savage Urges, Force of Temptation, Fierce Obsessions, Lure of Oblivion, Wild Hunger, Echoes of Fire, Untamed Delights, and Shards of Frost. The Olympus Pride begins after both series are finished.

Do you intend to give the next generation of the Phoenix and Mercury Pack characters their own series?
It’s not in my current plans for several reasons. One, there are far too many kids and more and more keep being born – I couldn’t write stories for them all. Two, they’ve all grown up around each other so it would be hard to include many different romance plots. Three, I like introducing new characters. I have considered giving Taryn and Trey’s son, Kye, his own series in a few years, but I can’t say for sure yet – I change my mind too often.

Will Cassidy and Cain get their own book?
I don’t plan to give them one. It was quite difficult being in Cain’s head – he truly is a genuine sociopath, not just someone with sociopathic tendencies. He felt no love for Cassidy or anyone else; he literally doesn’t have the emotional capacity to do so. His emotions rarely fluctuated; they were always shallow and fleeting and lacked any true feeling. I could never write a romance story for him that would be genuinely authentic. It would be too dark and angsty, too close to obsession and a need to control Cassidy as opposed to him truly caring for her. Although I enjoy dark romance, it’s not in sync with the mood and tone of the Phoenix/Mercury novels, it’s a whole other ball game so wouldn’t ‘gel’ with the other books in the two series. Hope that makes sense.

Is the Deep in Your Veins series finished?
No, I still intend to give some of the squad members their own book. Sam and Jared, though, will still have the occasional chapter of their own within the stories of others.

Will there be more books in the Dark in You Series?
Yes, the sixth book, Omens, is Khloe and Keenan’s story. Raini and Maddox’s book (as yet untitled) will be released 2021. Levi and Larkin will also get their own book. I know many people are interested in Asher having his own book. I may write a spin-off series for an adult Asher but really can’t promise anything.

Will you be writing anymore contemporary romance books?
Yes, I have lots of ideas. My next contemporary-rom is called The Favor (coming October 13, 2020) and is a fake marriage romance.

I’ve written my own book. Can I please send the manuscript to you?
Congratulations on writing your book! I’m honored that you would think of me, but there are ethical and legal reasons why I shouldn’t read unpublished work. Besides, the opinion of little ole me isn’t important. It’s your opinion that counts most. You could send the manuscript to an editing company for feedback – they’ll also help you ready it to be published. Or you could send it to an agent or traditional publishing company. Whatever you decide, I wish you the best of luck for the future!

What are the pros and cons of self-publishing?
The benefits are that you have full creative control, you can work on your own schedule, you can set your own release dates, and you can be your own boss – the latter is always fun. The biggest problem I’ve found is that the process takes a lot of time away that you could spend on just writing – readying the book cover, blurb, marketing materials, media kit, etc.

What advice would you give to aspiring writers?
Firstly, just read and write and read and write and read and write. Soon enough, you’ll develop a style that works for you. Secondly, don’t let your insecurities or worries of other people’s reactions hold you back. No matter what you write or how well you write it, not everyone will like it because everyone likes different things. It’s nothing personal to you. We’ve all heard a song, watched a film, or read a book that didn’t work for us – it was nothing personal to who wrote, created, or participated in it. This brings me neatly to my next piece of advice: don’t write for other people, write for you, write what you would like to read, and let yourself enjoy every minute of it.

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